Pontec Pond UV Bulbs for Filters

Pontec Pond UV Bulbs for Filters

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  • On May 24, 2021

Early Summer or Spring is the ideal time to service your Pontec Pond UV Bulbs for Filters, especially changing the UV bulb. Over time these bulbs will deteriorate; usually only lasting 12 months. The genuine Pontec bulbs are made for Oase / Pontec by a leading manufacturer and will help keep your pond clear for longer.

Once you have your new UV bulb you can strip the filter or clarifier to replace the old bulb. Note some bulbs come with new seals which you should also change. The bulb is housed in a quartz sleeve, which acts as a barrier between the pond water and bulb. A normal glass sleeve will block the UV light rendering it useless; so the sleeve is made of quartz. Pond water flows around the outside of the sleeve, and the UV light will destroy bacteria and algae.

Pontec Pond UV Bulbs for Filters

In the example above for the Pontec PondoPress 10000 part 10 is seal and locking kit for the quartz tube; 11 is the quartz sleeve; 9 is the UV tube and 8 is the ballast unit which fires up the UV tube. When you take it apart be careful with the quartz sleeve as they are delicate! Pontec Pond UV Bulbs for Filters.

Our parts diagrams will show all the relevant parts for your particular filter, just click on View Part to order.


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