Pontec PondoMatic Vacuum

Oase Pontec PondoMatic 50770

Pontec PondoMatic Vacuum Parts Diagram – find the letter of the part you need from the diagram above and select the part number from corresponding letter from the full list below. Click on the part number to go to product page:

1Handlepontec handle 2806228062View Part
2Filter Foampontec foam 4400444004View Part
3Vacuum Hosepontec vacuum hose 4400744007View Part
4Clamppontec clamp 2806328063View Part
5Vacuum Outlet Hosepontec vacuum hose 4400844008View Part
6Lock Platepontec lock plate 4400144001View Part
7Nozzlepontec nozzle 4401044010View Part
8Wet Suction Nozzlepontec nozzle pondomatic 4701347013View Part
9Suction Pipepontec pipe 4400044000View Part
instructions50770View Part