Pontec PondoSkim 12V Parts

Pontec PondoSkim 12V Parts – use the diagram below to select the parts you need and click ‘View Parts’ on the table below:

Pontec Pondoskim 12V
1FloatPontec PondoSkim Float37953View Part
2Filter BasketPontec PondoSkim Filter Basket37954View Part
3FoamPontec PondoSkim Foam39955View Part
4HousingPontec PondoSkim Housing37952View Part
5Mounting NutPontec PondoSkim Mounting Nut37956View Part
6ImpellerPontec PondoSkim Impeller37958View Part
7Pump HousingPontec PondoSkim Housing37957View Part
8TransformerPontec PondoSkim Transformer37959View Part